365 Degree is a unique scheme aimed at enhancing life styles that prevent the raise of mental illness by creating opportunities for early intervention and providing affordable Mental Health care. At just Rs 365 a year, members will have the support of experienced counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists, in recognizing, engaging and treating life styles and behaviours and relationship issues that have potential to disrupt our mental health. People suffering from severe and chronic mental illness can also seek treatment with our panel of mental health professionals for just Rs 365/- a year.

World Health Organization estimates that one person in every four, face mental health issues that have the potential to cause serious mental health disorders. In India, 20% of the population is vulnerable to mental health issues. This explosion of mental health ailments follows closely with the drastic changes in our life styles that have added acute pressure to our physical and mental health. Yet, it remains a significantly under diagnosed and undertreated aspect of our health. Social ignorance that impedes early detection, Stigma associated with mental illness, and lack of trained professionals at the primary layers of our health care system, often cause unwarranted delays in seeking professional medical help. The lack of state and private investments and adequate psychiatrists and psychologists have severely increased the cost of mental health care, making it unaffordable to the very sections of urban and rural population who might be extremely vulnerable to mental disorders. This has become a critical reason in loss of productivity, broken relationships, high rates of suicides and a general degeneration in our health. WOW intends to tackle the underlying issues in order to improve mental health for all.

All About 365 Degree

#365 degree is a simple but effective idea to intervene in the present situation and drastically increase awareness and access to mental health care. For just Rs 365 a year, those who join the program will have access to psychologist, psychiatrist, counselors and life skills trainers at  WOW Mind & Behavioural Clinic.

Very often, our hectic life, pressure to achieve, misjudged priorities leads to severe stress on our lives. In a world of multiple priorities, marriages tend to suffer strain due to inter-personal and societal issues leaving partners in distress. When these issues go unnoticed, they tend to result in behavioural issues, psychological problems and even in rare cases psychiatric disorders. Our program covers the entire range, providing professional support to issues arising from the following

1.Life style Issues

Hyper Tension, Handling Stress Smartly, Sleep Disturbances, Physical Activity, Eating Habits, Work Life Balance, Alcohol, Smoking & Abuse of other Drugs.

2.Relationship Issues

Difficulties with Peers, Struggle on Family Chores, Pre-Marital Educational, Marital Conflicts, Love, Interpersonal Values & Conflict.

3.Behavioural Issues / Personality Enhancement

Being Shy & Reserved, Fear of Speaking in Groups, Excessive Worries & Pre-Occupations, Low Self Esteem/Confidence, Poor Organising, Self–Awareness, Negative Thinking.

4.Psychological / Psychiatric Intervention

Anxiety (OCD, Social Phobia, Panic Attacks, PTSD-Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) Depression, Childhood Disorders (ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia) Behavioural Problems, Insomnia, Sexual Disorders, Schizophrenia, Mood Disorders, Elderly (Memory Disturbance, Depression) Women Mental Health Issues (Prenatal Depression, Pre-Menstrual Tension, Emotional Well-being)

Those who become members of this program can avail upto 24 sessions a year (2 every Month) with a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist for the entire year. They will also get a discount of 10% over MRP on all medicines purchased at the Clinic.

The program will be hosted by WOW from its clinic. Dedicated psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioural therapists will provide counseling and treatment on appointment, while volunteers will support them with follow up information, responding to enquiries and in administrative tasks. As membership increases, centers will be added across Chennai to make it accessible to all members. With increasing patronage, we will also replicate this across Tamilnadu.

Membership Benefits:

  1. 24 One to One Consultation/year
  2. 2 Consultation session/month
  3. 2 Orientation

Membership Cost: Rs. 365/- Plus 50/- Registration fee = Total Rs. 415/-

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How to Support the Initiative

Mental Health is not merely an individual’s priority, but a societal responsibility. The gains we make are also societal when we have a healthy population. This program too requires the support and patronage of the entire community. You can support the initiative by volunteering for various activities that are part of the program. Mental health professionals and students can volunteer to provide counseling sessions, trainings and moderate group discussions with members. Other volunteers can help provide care to members with specific challenges. They can also volunteer to raise awareness about the issues and help raise funds through coordinating and conducting events.