When we are asked to imagine peaceful scenery, it is almost hard to imagine one, without a calm blue sky or without a deep blue sea.

Blue is a colour of serenity, tranquility, peace, creativity. Blue can cause the mind to produce chemicals that are calming.

Like the hues of blue, every one of us has different shades of EMOTIONS.

WOW- Mind & Behavioural Clinic aims at spreading awareness about mental health and its importance. The clinic has helped over 30,000 people with their mental well being and wishes to help so many more. The clinic wants to expand their boundaries and thus they chose art as a means of communication.

Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. How good it to know that art is can be used as a therapy. Practising art is not only recreational but has a lot of good effects on out mental health and well being.

Hues of blue, an art festival in aid of mental health for all, WOW – Mind & Behavioural clinic is very clear to bring about a change in people’s perspective on mental wellbeing

Effort is being made to emphasize on the importance of practising art and also how it can be used to improve our lives. This process is being done through a three day art festival held at Chennai during December, 2018. The festival is a fun filled event and will be of great interest to not only lovers of art but also for others.

The following is a gist of the events and happenings of the festival:


In this you will witness eminent artists performing art live on stage. This will be an awesome experience for budding artists as well. This program is particularly helpful for people to express their opinions and views on mental health through art.


Those who are willing to donate their old drawings or paintings feel free to do so.


Beautiful paintings of many prominent artists are for sale at the art gallery. These paintings are a visual treat to us. The paintings worth Rs. 300/- to 30,000/- will be kept in the art gallery. We will then have an auction of the paintings, the amount raised by which, will be utilized to fund 365 Degree mental health program.


Dance is a great form of expression that has been used for ages. The festival will incorporate all sorts of dances ranging from traditional to contemporary and the main theme will be mental health. Participants are more than welcome to join and register for this event.


The rhythm and beats are what predominantly catches the attention of the youth today. Music that expresses feelings or that has a message should not be hidden but played aloud for all to hear.


Theatre is a great platform for people of ages to express themselves. The stage allows you to adorn a different persona and be the person you want to be. Acting has a way of conveying messages that usually cannot be spoken about lightly.


An interesting approach into the field of art is street magic and only few possess this talent. A talent to show people what they really want to see or to show people what they cannot see. Magic in itself is true art.


Finally coming to program where words can have an impact on the audience. Poetry is not just rhymes but their words that express emotion when in reality they couldn’t be expressed. Poetry for many is very therapeutic and poems should be shared as it could help someone get through some really difficult times.


Apart from the seriousness of mental health there is also a beautiful fun side which definitely includes laughing out loud. Stand up comedy is a great outlet through which comedians share stories in a hilarious manner.


Mime is a powerful method of communicating messages without words. Actions definitely speak louder than words and these shows are dedicated to perform about various themes that are not usually addressed.


This field has a wide variety of projects that include short films, street art, performance art and exhibits of various artists. This is used to bring out hidden talents that lie within individuals but are not showcased as they never get the opportunities to do so.


The festival should grab one’s attention and for that sole purpose, people are encouraged to create and design giant structures that may be abstract or definite. These structures should help people understand subtle and powerful messages of mental health in a glance.


There are a lot of workshops being conducted for reasonable price which helps you learn many things about art. Few workshops being conducted are as below

1. Art workshop for Children?

Where children are taught to draw and paint using easy tactics. Drawing sheets and drawing materials will be provided.

2. Pottery workshop :

In this workshop the art of pot making will be taught by professional potters.

3. Sculpting Workshop:

In this basic art of sculpture and carvings will be taught.

4. Photography workshop:

In this workshop photography skills and techniques will be taught.


Many stalls are put up to buy things. Few stalls are mentioned below.

T-Shirt Designing:

In this t-shirts are customized according to the buyer’s wish. They can suggest the artists to put patterns and designs as their wish.

Game stalls:

There are many game stalls in which you can play games and win an exciting prize when you win.

Food stalls:

Many yummy food stalls are put up to satisfy your hunger.

Apart from the above, volunteers who are interested can volunteer to help with WOW to help with organising and running the event for 3 days. Volunteers will be provided with a t-shirt, food and a certificate to appreciate their work. And also those who are interested can donate colours, charts, paints, old sarees, old bottles and craft items.

We at WOW recognize the evident effect of art and mental health’s have on each other. “Hues of Blue” It reaches out to artists and art lovers, alike, across Chennai, to participate and encourage, thus funding our venture of 365 Degree mental health care program.

We look forward to you joining us in painting bright hues of happiness in the lives of all masses!

For Register: www.winorwin.in / 99402 21212 / 98400 42265