Manathirai: Visualizing the Deep Secrets of our Mind

Our ‘Mind’ and its exceptional qualities have often astounded us. From its’ almost miracle like abilities, to the many pranks it pulls on us, to the extreme manifestation of its ill-health, MIND has captivated us like nothing else. The Mind still remains an Enigma to us. Thus it has been a hot topic for many film-makers who have spun fantastic stories around our mind to enthrall audiences. A picture is worth a hundred words. Keeping with this adage, movies and artistic expressions have played a vital role in informing us, creating awareness around mental health and in fighting stigma that often accompanies those affected by mental health issues. But, this powerful medium of education can also become one of misinformation and harm. It is important therefore for artists as well as mental health professionals to come together to refine our approaches so that we as a society grow more aware of our mind and less insensitive towards those who need our support and care.

“Manathirai” monthly series of film screenings of popular and not so popular films and documentaries that have issues of MIND and Mental Health at their core. This shall be followed by a discussion with eminent film critics and psychologists (mental health professionals) who will help us dissect the film and appreciate its value while providing valuable suggestions and criticisms that would enable the future of film making a better perspective to explore this lucrative yet complicated theme.

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