Win or Win Consulting is excited to invite you for “More Than Parents, ‘PARENTING EXCELLENCE AWARD” 2017, a ceremony to honor parents who have dedicated their life for the success of their children. We applaud and appreciate the efforts of parents in nurturing, mentoring and supporting their children, and evolving them to be sensitive and successful personalities.

The program is intended to create awareness about ideal parenting. To make parents aware that providing emotional support to children is as much important as any of the physical and social needs and that it plays a major role in the child’s overall development. Early identification of any problem is considered to be much better than treatment.

The awards are presented in three categories

A) To parents whose children have been able to overcome significant mental health issues in their personal life.

B) To parents whose children have invested their time and effort in spreading awareness about mental health issues, leading the effort to create a more stable, sensitive environment for those suffering mental health problems.

C) To Parents of celebrities and young achievers for their contribution to society through their art, work or philanthropy.

Date : On 4th Nov, 2017 between 5.00 to 9.00 pm
Venue : At TAG Auditorium, Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram School
No. 6, Kilpauk Gardern Road, Kilpauk, Chennai -10

For Details : 99402 21212 / 98400 42265