an expression of awe, we like to elicit from our partners and clients as we execute our services in Mental Health

Win or Win

 is our commitment to support everyone become a winner in life.


is the most powerful tool. It can Will us to win against all odds. It can muster strength and vigour that we never recognized we possessed. Yet, it can also play a severe drag if we fail to understand it and keep it in health. The outside world, that offers us unique opportunities, is also filled with hurdles and pitfalls. We need to learn to navigate the treacherous terrain of social life. However, it is all important to learn to pick ourselves when we fall, reinvigorate ourselves and push ahead. At Win or Win, it is our firm belief that we can all be achievers if we learn to train our Minds.

Our Mission

is to create awareness around mental health in our communities and to support our clients to live better by delivering integrated mental health care at an affordable cost by engaging, educating and empowering communities in the process of caregiving.

Our Vision

is to create a healthy India by decreasing the rate of mental health related issues such as depression, stress and anxiety and evolve a social community that can support the needs of people living with mental illness.

Our Values

· Respect, Dignity and Sensitivity towards All
· Promoting Synergies between People
· Pioneering initiatives
· Care Givers integrated Care Giving
· Patient dependent Process
· Affordable Mental Health Care