“Say I Can Win” a first ever reality show on Mental Health Awareness. This show is a novel concept of bringing people of mental health issues live on stage orating their onset, struggle, remedy & Success. We at Win or Win Consulting has been constantly creating various platforms to eradicate Stigma on Mental Health. Through this initiative, “Say I Can Win” we are trying to transform the state of awareness into acceptance.

“Say I Can Win” – will showcase the real time emotions that prevail in the mind of an individual, his environment & the caregiver during the journey of Mental Health challenge. The show is set to break all the rules by making an affected individual to talk his road to success open to public who was once hesitant to address himself, by which we are illuminating the preconceived minds & eliminating the fear of acceptance.

This is not just a show of Win or Win Consulting alone, it is also for those who care for a healthy society can initiate change, collaborate action, make buy decisions & receptive to grow. As we approach this as a trendsetting platform associating with us would see you making early inroads in people`s mind as a brand to trust & people to engage.

This show features includes Music, Poetic Session, interaction, dance and drama. The show will be honored by dignitaries from Healthcare, Public Policy, industries, Sports & Entertainment.

To volunteer this program – SMS : 98400 42265