T. Dilli Babu is a psychologist specializing in Human Resource Development and Management
(HRD), an entrepreneur and business consultant. His areas of professional interest include
Clinical Counselling, Personal Coaching, Leadership Training and public speaking. He is the
founder and CEO of WOW-Mind & Behavioural Clinic, a pioneer in Mental Health Care in India
that focuses on building successful people and lives through innovative approaches in mental
health intervention and training. He is also co-founder of TAP Chennai, a youth driven volunteer
group through which he also has motivated his friends to take up humanitarian activities. He is
also a guest faculty at university of madras and its affiliated colleges. His innovation in mental
health promotion leads to greater heights. He has created and delivered program to promote
mental health at all levels. The early struggles of Dilli Babu turned him into a highly motivated,
positive, altruistic personality. All his endeavours transcend personal interests and create
opportunities for his associates to evolve in their career path. He started his life journey in the
year 1979. It was only at the age of nine that he could start his academic life. He obtained a
graduate degree in Sociology from Loyola College, Chennai and went to complete post-
graduation in Human Resource Development from Dept. of Psychology, University of Madras.
He is a professional chess player, having played competitive chess at State level. Mr. Dilli
Babu’s motivational slogan is “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE- try, try until you succeed…” This
phrase instills individuals with optimism while stressing the need for perseverance and effort.