Mrs. R. Divya Karthick is a dynamic personality, driven by a motivation to excel, a commitment
to collective development and flair for sustained smart work. With a background in psychology,
she encountered numerous instances of mental health issues among people owing to the
increasing stress, problems with work life balance, anxieties of a competitive career and fast
paced lifestyle. she has focused on working with school children as a way to tackle the
problems of mental health at an early stage. She works with schools and Educational Institute to
provide children with the emotional and life skills to cope with stress, in identifying children who
require special focus with respect to mental healthcare and creating an institutional
infrastructure that can effectively address the issues arising from mental health disorders at a
very early stage. She has also taken active role in Community Mental health awareness
campaigning, initiating, organizing events and activities aimed at fighting stigma and improving
the support system for mentally ill which is as vital as the medical infrastructure.