Our mind is our greatest tool, entertainer, guide and a lasting companion. It has allowed us to explore the deepest mysteries of our known universe while enabling us to recreate its splendour here on earth. It is essential to nurture it and feed its insatiable thirst for knowledge. A young nation like ours requires innumerous space where young minds can have the freedom to seek knowledge, refine our wisdom and let our mind explore the realms of unknown in constructive ways.

Thought Lab is one such space, Win or Win Consulting, with the active support of its patrons, partners and well-wishers, intends to host at its clinic. It will be a room full of books, yet more than that. Here, knowledge seekers can access books, audio-visual documents, and other tools related to Mental Health, Psychology, Psychiatry and other relevant disciplines. They can also interact with practitioners practicing out of Win or Win Consulting – Mind & Behavioural Clinic.

Scholars pursuing their M.Phil or Doctoral degrees will also have access to a computer with internet that can be used to access freely available online resources. The presence of people from diverse backgrounds and the access to books and other resources will allow the students to have a holistic learning experience outside their formal university spaces. This, we hope, would go a fair distance in fostering and supporting fresh talent while enriching the field of Mental Health.

This initiative is not possible without your support. WOW initiatives are always collaborative. We gratefully seek your contribution by way of helping us collect relevant books, journals, important articles, psychological tools etc, while also helping us curate the materials.

What we offers :

  1. 9 am to 9 pm access to WOW Clinic’s library
  2. Books, Journals, Tools and other valuable resources on Mental Health
  3. Facilitating environment for Research Students (computer with internet – free of cost)
  4. Interactive Space where Knowledge Seekers can meet Mental Health Practitioners

To donate books & Other materials : SMS: 98400 42265